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klaus age vampire diaries

Déc 26, 2020


klaus age vampire diaries

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The spell was finally broken and they returned to their bodies. Elijah breaks free but to his surprise, Klaus impales Papa Tunde's Blade in Elijah. Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, There's a World Where Your Dreams Came True,, * Stabbed through the heart (as an untriggered werewolf), To his own admission, Klaus has killed hundreds of thousands of humans, vampires, werewolves, witches and other species over a thousand years, Staked with the White Oak Stake (as a hybrid). But then some of Klaus' blood spilled on Lucien's wounds, healing them. But Elijah saw it as a chance to take everything back. Although in Kai's case he killed most of them while Klaus prefers to neutralize his, although he still cares for his family whereas Kai does not. They do a spell that will allow them to track down Klaus' enemies. [113]Klaus hurt by his siblings. Genevieve apologizes for what she did and says it was necessary for him to see so he can take his and her revenge. She is still sore about the events of that night, namely Elena's attack on both her and her mother. He also had a close relationship with his half-brother, Kol, but he did not get along at all with his half-brother, Finn, since childhood. How?" He puts Diego on charge and is disturbed when Marcel doesn't join them. It was only after she told him that she knew there was still a bit of humanity in him that Klaus reconsidered and healed Caroline. In one of his appointments with Camillehe takes her to his art show, saying that now that Mikael is dead he doesn't see a reason why is work should remain in shadows. Later Elijah wants Klaus to sign the peace treaty. In I Love You, Goodbye, Klaus convince Hayley not to go to Hope, as he already made sure she will be brought to them. Hayley said she definitely would have confessed to sleeping around if she had, because it would have gotten her out of being captive. The only sibling he didn't dagger was Finn, who was daggered by. Klaus seriously affects the life of Katherine in the books and the series. He then finds Cami at Lucien's house withWill- who she compelled to get the dark objects back. Hayley then tries to convince Klaus to call off his hunt for Tyler, revealing that it wasn't resolve but the help of other people which would provide Tyler with his ability to escape him, just as Katherine had for five hundred years. Klaus gets frustrated and demands that Finn get to the point and understands Klaus' cruelty, but not Elijah's as he should've been the most compassionate one. In Where Nothing Stays Buried, Hayley brings Klaus the notebook that Jackson wrote with all the information that he got from Ansel about the ancient Werewolves, although she tells him there is nothing there that can help them kill Lucien. Later he catches Kieran leaving the church and he offers Kieran a deal; Kieran will bring Agnes to the church and Klaus won't harm Camille. After Caroline wakes up the next morning, Klaus has left but she finds an expensive bracelet made of dozens of diamonds: a gift from Klaus. Stefan apparently agreed to the Original's proposal, but only on the condition that he takes Stefan's place as Damon's "babysitter" at the Salvatore House while Stefan tries to persuade Rebekah. He goes to her, and two talk. She asks Marcel to make him suffer and to let that be his fate. When it didn't, he decided to go after Rebekah. Having overheard Matt tell Bonnie that the witches on the Other Side said the doppelgänger must be killed in order for the hybrids to survive, Klaus surmises that the opposite must be true - that the doppelgänger's blood is necessary to complete the process. Kol called Klaus at that moment. The Vampire Diaries: 5 Times We Felt Bad For Klaus (& 5 Times We Hated Him) Klaus Mikaelson was arguably the best villain in Vampire Diaries history. He just said he was standing in his favorite place and hoped one day she'd let him show it to her. They all start talking about what they did, revealing that the Strix are responsible for the murders and that Lucien has Cami. Their argument is overheard by the party intended to overhear it: Tyler Smallwood, who shows up and changes into a werewolf to attack Meredith. Before the start of the fight Klaus throws a coin and states that whoever picks up the coin will get to live, but nobody picks up the coin and the fight begins. However, Stefan interrupts the battle, pulling Damon off of Klaus. It originally aired on April 21, 2011. He thinks that Caroline is beautiful, strong, and full of light. Klaus asks Elijah to help him get the fourth coffin back from Stefan by reminding him of the oath that they had sworn to one another:always and forever. The promise is made moot when Klaus reappears and hits Damon with lightning, knocking him unconscious. [194]Klaus using lycanthropic enhancement. In When the Levee Breaks, Klaus has breakfast with his siblings while talking about killing Mikael when Dahlia appears in Josephine's body and threatens them. In present day, Klaus appears to Stefan in the St. James infirmary bar. She then grabs Freya and they leave. Then Klaus said that he would never allow Tyler to hurt her if Tyler was sired to him. Klaus then brings up that due to the delay of Elijah's return he believes that Marcel is no longer in charge of the situation. She tried to run away in the Lockwood Cellar, but he followed her and asked her if she knew where Tyler was. He returns home to hear Rebekah say that they failed which Klaus said is not true and he reveals that he was the one that killed Katie and he knew that she would try to take out Marcel. He then talks to Cami and admits he didn't kill Aiden and he only admit it to make the werewolves fear him. The moonstone coming into George Lockwood's possession. However later on, after being given the news about his child, he was more interested in her when she was looking at an artist painting and she described the story she assumed of the artist. Davina tells him to let Tim go and breaks Klaus leg but i heals and Klaus tells her he will let Tim go but only if Davina will swear allegiance to him alone. Their enemies swarm in from all sides and from top to bottom. Klaus tells Camille that Mikael came to Elijah and wanted him to help Mikael to kill Klaus. [169]Klaus with Elijah and Rebekah, In Savior, Klaus talks to Cami about Elijah and the prophecy. Klaus and his brother attended the funeral of the Governor's son, when Klaus sees a man whipping a child. The supernatural community is now aware of her existence. In Every Mother's Son Finn reveals to his brothers that Kol is alive, and Klaus expresses disbelief that Kol would have gone along with Esther, stating that the only thing Kol listens to is his ego, but Finn confirmed Kol's supposed loyalty, saying that their mother's proposition had brought even the wildest of Mikaelsons onto her side. Hurt, Klaus understood; but Caroline said he didn't and that he's right about her covering up what she wants. A confrontation occurs in the woods, with Klaus and Tyler fighting Stefan, Bonnie, Meredith, and Matt. She also tells Klaus that Finn is using Representational Magic. In Catch Me If You Can, he returned to the bar where Klaus had massacred those innocents so Jeremy could kill them all after they'd transitioned and grow his mark.. Elena went to see Klaus to beg him to call off Kol. Klaus was sweaty and cowering on the floor when Caroline came in again. Angered, she leaves him alone in the room. Rebekah, who has learned that Klaus had killed their mother, corroborates Stefan's lie in an attempt to lure him back to Mystic Falls. [110]Tyler stabs Klaus. It is revealed that he ordered Daniel Warren, a hybrid, to go to the house of Abby Bennett Wilson and handle the situation, which he does by manipulating Abby and her foster son Jamie in order to get Bonnie to reveal the location of the coffins. In return for Kieran attempt to stop the harvest one of them put a Hex on Sean to distract him. But she's on the run with Jackson and Hope. He talks to Vincent, Elijah and Hayley about how to take down Tristan. During his search for a way to break the curse, Klaus hunted down his family and neutralized them. When he talks with Finn, the hybrid finally learns why his mother tried to kill his child; so he and the rest of his siblings can be free from Dahlia's curse, unlike their older sister, Freya, who was taken by her. Klaus says her name is Hope. He finally said, "Kill her and the baby. He is the main antagonist of Season 2, making his first appearance in Know Thy Enemy, in Alaric's body. They star talking. In Disturbing Behavior, Klaus is still using Gloria to try and find the necklace. Klaus laughed. [139]Klaus being attacked by the witches. They swore to each other they would stay together always and forever. In a phone call with Cami she threats him. Klaus suggested for Stefan to hand over Elena, or else she'll kill herself before the end of the day. They are then confronted by Marcel again and before anything else happens, Klaus steps in and tells Marcel that he has won. Lucien tries to convince Klaus that Tristanis the killer but Klaus doesn't believe him. She was given to Rebekah, who would keep her safe. In The Killer, Klaus was in Italy digging up Alexander's sword. Esther found a young Klaus in the woods once when he was hiding from Mikael, as Mikael wanted to bring him along to hunt, but Niklaus was afraid to go with Mikael. [174]Klaus introducing Stefan to Freya, In A Streetcar Named Desire, Klaus takes his old friend Stefan to Freya, so she can help him with her magic to escape from the vampire huntress who is after him; Rayna Cruz. Aurora reveals that she broke his heart in 1002 because Elijah compelled her to after finding out that Klaus killed Esther. Liz invites him in and he has a intimate conversation with Caroline about being immortal. Klaus asks her to tell them why she's there so the night will end and Esther wonders why they look at her with such disdain as she was just trying to protect them. The witches told Elijah that Klaus had until midnight to change his mind about the child and Hayley's life before they die - as Jane-Anne's spell linked Sophie and Hayley together. He says Elijah took his place as oldest and that instead of fixing the problems of the family, he produced nine centuries of failure. That night, Klaus is talking on the phone with Elijah, filling him in, and telling him to do nothing, and watch over Hope. When she finds Elena in a vision, though, Stefan and Elena have only a few minutes together before the Old One shows up and begins to control Bonnie’s mind. Afterwards, he found out that Aurora tricked his sister to giving her blood, and jumped from the roof - and turned to a vampire. Klaus suggests they fake the baby's death to keep her safe. He then commands them to show him the coffins and they do - except the fourth one is missing. On his way to figure things out he meets Sophie and finds marks of a dark sacrificial magic. He responds by saying he has done everything and tells Rebekah that since he came to town Marcel has not trusted him and has had his men ingest vervain, so when Marcel lost six nightwalkers he killed Josh ans Tina and he compelled Josh into becoming his spy as he had not been given any vervain yet. "Klaus is very tall and very Nordic in physical appearance, with piercing electric blue eyes and short, close-cropped white-platinum blond hair. But she's gotten Marcel to consider an alternative: Klaus needs to stand trial for his sins. During the time he is in the woods, Klaus talks to Ansel about why he didn't come for him when he was still human. He asks Klaus if he has forgotten that Genevieve tortured their sister and as a result she is now gone forever. For vampire-crazed fans of the Twilight series (both in book and movie form) and the adults-only TV drama True Blood, The Vampire Diaries has just about everything, including teen angst, dramatic tension, and crush-worthy creatures of the night. He complains that he is not a nursemaid. Lucien tells him about the war between the sire lines and takes him to his apartment where Alexis shows him the prophecy. Klaus possessed the common powers of an Old One. Klaus and Elijah drive there together and search the bayou for any sign of Hayley. [92]Marcel and Klaus. It is possible that being in his former home, with his family, has caused his humanity to show more. Elijah punches through Klaus' rib cage to get to his heart, and Elijah says that this was for their family. They both have hurt most of their siblings. Later at his house Rebekah has arrived, she demands to know what he has done to Elijah and he does not say but hints that he has daggered Elijah. When Klaus arrives at the location he meets his real father, but doesn't seem at all happy about it. Over the centuries Klaus has become a recluse who confides in and trusts only the members of his inner circle. Klaus, wrecked with guilt, and saddened about killing his own mother -and unable to tell anyone about it- blurt out his secret to her. [143]Klaus talking to Hayley On the bedside, Klaus glances over at Cami's body laying in the bed. In The Originals , Klaus is not only the protagonist but also an anti-hero and one of the three antagonists of Season One, on-and-off again (the other … The three of them were having dinner when Klaus and Rebekah continue telling Stefan of when Alexander and the other members of the Five, who originally owned the White Oak Ash Daggers, daggered all of the siblings, but due to Klaus' werewolf side, it didn't work on him. Klaus decides to send a ball dress as a present to Caroline, along with the invitation and a note to save him a dance. [93]Klaus and Rebekah arriving at the masquerade. He had compelled Timothy before he was knocked, to poison Davina and Himself in case Davina doesn't return to him. Finns magic was being weakened and though Klaus was very angry he forgave Elijah. She shows him how Marcel and Rebekah sneaked around behind his back and he already was aware of this and tells her if it's part of her plan to turn him against Rebekah it is ineffective. Rebekah tells him to handle it and he says that he needs a distraction and Rebekah says that she is on her way. He tried to make arrangements with werewolves in this city, so his rule could remain hidden. When he turns around Sophie pushes this blade to his chest. Klaus was with Elijah and Rebekah in 1114 AD Italy when they met a man named Alexander, a vampire hunter who was part of The Five. After Klaus learns that the link has been broken and his child is safe he tells Agnes that he is going to leave pieces of her at her family crypt, believing that it will send a fitting message; no one hurts his family. If they are misrepresented. In return he is asked to set Camille free. When Marcel has finished he goes to celebrate with his buddy's and spots Klaus in the corner of his eye. Then Klaus feed of the girl instead and left her body on the table. Elijah later mentions that Klaus is a recluse and trusts very few people, usually only in his inner circle. [56]Klaus and Caroline at the bar. Rebekah tells Klaus that she is going to deal with Sophie and Katie the witch that rated out Hayley. Elijah then tries to take the focus off of Klaus by telling Marcel that his anger is with him, not Klaus. During this time, probably, he met and gained the confidence of a being named The Devil, with which, later, signing a pact. He goes to kill Jackson, and he beats Jackson to a pulp, with Jackson mocking Klaus that he is jealous of him for spending time with Ansel. They were simply placed on the Earth one day. Caroline reminded him of her being in college and her future plans did not involve him whatsoever. Klaus tries to convince Marcel that he was always part of their family, and that Marcel is just like him; stubborn, and full of anger.

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