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mindhunter saison 1 episode 7

Déc 26, 2020


mindhunter saison 1 episode 7

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Bill gets defensive and says they can't get to Brudos the way she wants them to. Bill says if what they do doesn't get under Holden's skin, he's either more screwed up than Bill thought or he's kidding himself. Bill and Holden get more out of Brudos when they see him again and treat his evasions more aggressively, but that may not be the right approach. Holden asks when that came in and how it got tied to his sexuality. Wendy is hanging up art in her office when Holden brings her a cup of coffee. Bill admits that Darcie really hung up on them and Holden holds the shoebox and tells him he's forgetting something. Episode 7 is the seventh episode of the first season and the 7th overall episode of Mindhunter. Brudos says he never wanted to be a girl. They argue over how it happened and why it happened. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. He says he didn't kill her. Hitting a dead end, Holden suggests a bold plan to draw the killer out. They tell him they want details and want to know why he did what he did. Bill says he's defending himself from bullies. The man who has the middle seat in their row interrupts. Bill gets him talking by going off book, asking about Brudos’ interest in women’s fashi… We finally get a glimpse at Dr. Carr’s life outside of her work. Holden also offers him a cigarette. She puts out the tuna and waits nearby, drinking her wine. He says he has to bring work home sometimes. Bill says he got an erection, which Wendy believes is what they wanted. Holden tells him what they know he's been jumped in prison. Bill says he can't do that, but can get him anything in the commissary. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. Unlike Holden in a clothing store, Carr loves a pattern. After they finish eating, Holden says she's been holding out on him. He'd never seen anything like that before, except in pictures. Episode Information All 54 songs featured in Mindhunter Season 2 Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. At her instruction, Bill and Holden are off to Oregon to interview Jerry Brudos, who not only murdered four women but, in two of those cases, amputated their breasts, Benji-style. When she finds she's not legally required to talk to him, she hangs up on him. Episode 5 Mindhunter Season 1. Holden tells the story of his mother once walking on him masturbating. A recap of episode 9. She's upset that they didn't use the questionnaire, but Bill says it wasn't working. Clubhouse Is Dangerously Close to Becoming Our New Internet Wasteland. She wasn't angry, just curious why he'd taken them. Brudos tells Bill to give Darcie his love and Bill says he'll do that, calling him "Jer." He asks her what it was. He found them in the junkyard and brought them home. She asks what he does with photos like that and he says he examines them for clues. Holden introduces himself and Bill. Jerry asks for cigarettes and pizza. Directed by David Fincher. He asks her to marry him, but she says she doesn't want to marry him so she can cook for him. … He can make one up. Übersicht aller 2 Staffeln der Serie «Mindhunter» Episoden USA Deutschland Österreich Schweiz; Staffel 1: 10: 13. Bill's family faces more scrutiny. What the hell is Elizabeth talking about? She had his brother then she wanted a girl next and told him so all the time. “You have to deny yourself or keep a private space.”, “Episode 7” divides neatly along those lines. When asked what his mother thought of him having them, he just shrugs. He takes off his shoes and his shirt. Here is the ranking of every episode from season 1 of Netflix's Mindhunter, according to IMDb's scores. She asks when he got the recommendation. Upright Citizens Brigade Closes Sunset Theater in Los Angeles. But episode 7 isn’t as concerned with the shields we put up so much as the ways they finally fall down. Brudos sits down and holds one of the shoes. Wendy says they just wanted to force him to admit that he wears women's clothes. She goes back to her apartment, grabs the can of tuna, and brings it back to the basement for the cat. Again, Brudos laughs as he's led to talk to them. Holden asks if he was trying to be what she wanted him to be. Die Seele des Mörders) von John E. Douglas und Mark Olshaker basiert. Airdate *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. He says he's running on fumes, so she suggests he take a break or talk to someone. Jerry agrees to let them record, saying he'll do the interview as long as he knows he doesn't have to. He’s there to tease and belittle the agents for sport, to call them “fucking morons” and throw sand on the sessions they’ve had with Kemper, whom he claims to have chatted up. Americans, it is time for you to adopt a new Christmas tradition: watching British comedians make fun of Jimmy Carr. Wendy is eating a can of tuna and watching All in the Family. She puts in the laundry and soap and as she starts the load, she hears a cat meowing. Bill says her name is Nancy. Episode director Andrew Douglas lays on the menace before they reach the prison in Salem, Oregon, filling the soundtrack with the clank of metal and the equally assaultive boom of Brudos’s voice as he launches on a nasty diatribe about Muhammad Ali. She’s also devised a standardized list of questions to codify their data, not that Brudos (Happy Anderson) cares about that. She says that's the point and leaves. Holden and Bill find it harder to keep the emotional intensity of work at bay. He says the Portland PD set him up and forced him to confess. What in the world is he learning about himself? When Holden reads out his confessions, Brudos says to ignore that and it was coerced. Holden starts to ask about the day before he met the woman, but Bill asks him about his attraction to women's fashions. The first season focuses on the characters, especially Holden who is obsessed with the idea of interviewing serial killers to understand their motives, which in turn would help the department catch some of these monsters on the loose. He didn't buy some shirts because he doesn't like patterns and Debbie points out that he dresses the same off-duty as on. She says Brian is asleep, but she found a photo under his bed. Season 1; Season 2; Follow. She says she can't be his therapist because she's his co-worker. They ask him about the lead-up to killing his first victim. It's $45 for an hour and a half. Bill says they didn't get anything useful out of Brudos, but Wendy thinks that they actually did. Rebecca Luker, Three-Time Tony Nominee, Dead at 59. His mother always wanted a girl. The pressure is particularly hard on Bill, who can’t look to home as a refuge. The skeleton key for unlocking the seventh episode of Mindhunter arrives in the second conversation Bill and Holden have with their latest subject, Jerry Brudos (Happy Anderson), who’s serving out a life sentence for killing and mutilating at least four women between 1968 and 1969. He lied, they showed him the evidence, and then he ended the interview. As they pass a photo with a severed foot, the businessman offers to switch Bill, but Bill says he's enjoying the extra leg room of the aisle seat. Bill and Nancy are having dinner and talking about a music therapist for Brian. It's only sometimes sexual. Release year: 2017. Gucci Mane Freezes All Other Infants Out of the Baby Name Game. Burning the shoes seared them in his mind as forbidden. It is about public faces and private spaces, the secrets people share with each other, share only with those they love, or keep cordoned off altogether — sometimes even from themselves. Motive Is Elusive (Extra) Episodes MINDHUNTER. He tells her something happened with Brudos between the mom and the shoes. She's upset by it, but Bill says it's how men talk. MINDHUNTER SEASON 2. With Jonathan Groff, Lee R. Sellars, David H. Holmes, Joanna Lowe. Mindhunter Season 1 Songs by Episode… Trailer: The Opposite of Crazy. on the job: She wants to coax the creature patiently from the darkness, rather than risk grabbing for it. She had previously announced an ALS diagnosis in February. They were persecuting him about something that challenges their masculinity. tunefind. She's certain he has more information to add to their data. They surrender their weapons and badges and sign the waivers. Julie says Brian saw it too. They say they'll talk to him. When Carr slips down to the basement in a T-shirt and nothing else, it braces you for an assault that never materializes. As she reaches the top of the stairs, she hears the cat meowing and the can rattling. Mindhunter is an American psychological crime thriller television series created by Joe Penhall, based on the true-crime book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit written by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. That doesn’t sound like Ed to me.”). Bill calls the guard. Written by MINDHUNTER: Season 1 (Recap) A Glimpse of Evil (Extra) Tense (Extra) Critics Weigh In (Extra) Trailer: Psycho Killers. Mindhunter ist eine US-amerikanische Thriller-Drama-Serie von Joe Penhall, die seit Oktober 2017 in den USA von Netflix per Streaming veröffentlicht wird[1] und auf dem Roman Mindhunter: Inside the FBIs Elite Serial Crime Unit (dt. She tells them to say goodbye to Brian for her. FULL SPOILERS. Wendy chafes as her job begins to shift. Among Brudos’s notable possessions are his collective of high-heeled shoes, over 100 pairs in all, which he would use for his own sexual gratification. As he starts to break down, she holds him and he says he's sorry. The team cracks under the pressure from an in-house review. Story: Joe PenhallTeleplay: Joe Penhall and Jennifer Haley She says she can drive him there once a week. 1. Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Episode 7, Wendy takes a chance and moves to join Bill and Holden full time. He says it doesn't sound right to him. She then excuses herself to get coffee. All rights reserved. Bill’s behavior toward Nancy is deplorably hostile, but McCallany plays it with such naked vulnerability that she (and the viewer) can recognize it as a fit of self-loathing. Holden's bold style elicits a confession but puts his career, relationships and health at risk. MINDHUNTER: Season 1 (Recap) A Glimpse of Evil (Extra) Tense (Extra) Motive Is Elusive (Extra) Critics Weigh In (Extra) Trailer: Psycho Killers. Holden asks the clerk what the largest size he has of one of the heeled shoes is. She takes her plate to the kitchen and then takes her laundry basket and goes to the basement. She's ready some books that recommend music therapy when children need help with communication. After two straight episodes devoted heavily to the murder in Altoona, this hour is more diffuse, spending half its time in the field and the other half peeking in on Bill, Holden, and Carr when they’re off the clock. He can't get Brian to interact with him. She says they weren't speaking his language. He gets angry, but then reveals he's just messing with them. The series is executive produced by Penhall, David Fincher, and Charlize Theron, among others, and debuted worldwide on Netflix on October 13, 2017. Staffel von Mindhunter für Dich zusammen. Bill apologizes for her having to see that. What’s true of any social-media endeavor remains the same on this app: Give people the space to talk, and they will say too much. They have a new category to sort by: post-conviction admission or non-admission of guilt. After she walks away, Holden asks when Bill wants to go back. October 13, 2017 They're on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to what they'd admit. https://mindhunter.fandom.com/wiki/Episode_7?oldid=3488. The rift between the men and Carr does get ironed out eventually, but these are early signs of how fraught their collaboration stands to be, worsened by the corrosive force of talking to deranged psychopaths all the time. The interview was personal. Mindhunter’s willingness to let its heroes look bad is a big part of what makes it work. “It’s tricky when you’re married,” he says. In 1977, frustrated FBI hostage negotiator Holden Ford finds an unlikely ally in veteran agent Bill Tench and begins studying a new class of murderer. (The funniest part about their first encounter is Holden’s bruised reaction afterwards. But certain cold facts do emerge about their subject: His fetish for high heels, his tortured relationship with his mother, the grisly photographs he took of his crimes. It’s a busy episode, dense with information and suggestion about all three characters, but also purposeful in showing how much the stresses (or “stressors,” to use Carr’s term) of their jobs is bleeding into the personal lives. 1. He says he's talking to her and she is a professional. Holden thinks the tape is great. In addition to Wile E. Coyote’s very own animated feature. Holden listens in on a call Bill has with Jerry's ex-wife. But it’s McCallany’s role in the short-lived, much loved FX series Lights Out, as an aging boxer with encroaching dementia, that really brought out the sensitive brute who’s on display in Mindhunter. Bill says Brian's not very fun. He's glad to have Wendy there. He then talks to Wendy, who has finished listening to the Brudos tape. She steps farther away when the cat doesn't come. He says a month ago. “Do you really think Kemper called us idiots? Julie says she's applying for a job at the mall and won't be able to sit for them anymore. She tells him times have changed and he doesn't just have to be the good soldier. The 50 Best Action Movies on Netflix Right Now, John ‘Ecstasy’ Fletcher of Whodini Is Dead at 56. She says he doesn't have to talk about his family. In 1977, frustrated FBI hostage negotiator Holden Ford finds an unlikely ally in veteran agent Bill Tench and begins studying a new class of murderer. ALL EPISODES. ☑ Watch Without Limits You will get access to all of your favourite the TV Series without any limits. They were young when they married. It’s Too Late for Shipping, So Send These E-Gift Cards Instead. Nancy doesn't think that's the problem. Bill's family faces more scrutiny. He also got a recommendation for a child psychologist much closer to them. He just needs to build rapport. Mindhunter Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. A recap of Netflix’s Mindhunter season 1 episode 6. They say they wanted to get him talking. Brudos asks how she deals with things she doesn't understand. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He wants the right answers. Bill and Holden drive into a prison as the audio plays of a man laughing and bragging. Holden and Bill find it harder to keep the emotional intensity of work at bay. The people they're talking about are damaged and know how to cause damage. Episode 7 HISTORY. She asks what they'd talk about, if they'd shared details of what they'd done. Bill and Nancy leave to go home. Wendy takes a career risk to relocate and join the team full time. The organization says it’s “still working to maintain our Franklin space” as the pandemic drags on. Brudos says his mother burned the shoes, right in front of him. When he asks why they're so interested in the shoes, Bill says he's asking because Brudos' wife still doesn't understand it. He says this, it's not her. In the late 1970s two FBI agents expand criminal science by delving into the psychology of murder and getting uneasily close to all-too-real monsters. They toast to her skills and her changing his life. Bill thought all Kemper's communication was monitored, but Brudos says word gets around in prison. Bill goes and searches for photos in his office to show her the disturbing cases he works on. It bothered Bill. He asks about the shoes and Holden says they're a reward for honesty. S2 Season 2. Season 1 guide for Mindhunter TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. See score details. Debbie is getting dinner on the table when Holden rings the bell. He was hoping they wouldn't reach that point. Wendy says they can learn from what he doesn't tell them, because they're not always going to get guys like Kemper who want to talk. Andrew Douglas Bill points out that she also changed her last name. She comes back in in only lingerie and heels. She guesses shoes. Allison Janney and Her Flaming Hot Back Muscles Crash This. Brudos takes the shoes to another table and starts to masturbate. Episodes MINDHUNTER. Holden asks if he's sure there's still something, but Bill interrupts and tells Holden to leave him alone. All 77 songs featured in Mindhunter Season 1 Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. Bill brings it closer to him and shows him that his face is in the photo, meaning he took it, which also means he killed her. She looks for it and calls for it, but it doesn't come out. Bill's surprised it didn't bother him to tell it. Now that Carr is a full-fledged member of the team, she’s taking charge. Then he looks closer at a photo. Already a subscriber? Nancy asks why the photos in the house at all. Wendy suggests not backing him into a corner. “She wanted to date someone who is Christian … it does suck.”, Watch Adam Sandler Sing a Song About Steve Buscemi to Steve Buscemi. The most depraved creative minds of our time simply must collaborate. She lets him in and tells him she made dinner. As they board their plane, Holden suggests going to see Kemper and asking him. He watches Bill talk to his wife. Toggle navigation . The ADT serviceman has a jacket, tape, and gloves laid out on his bed. He is eerily methodical. By that point, he'd already started stealing women's clothes and photographed a neighborhood girl. Brudos says Kemper was right when he said they were idiots. TV Shows; Movies; Games; Trending Music; Blog; Sign In; Join; Mindhunter Soundtrack. Her methods mirror her M.O. However, Bill notices she referred to him as "Jer.". Bill looks over at Holden and says he's immune and wants to know how to tap into that. Wendy says not everyone agrees with Freud's theories, but he did hit on how young they were when they start to form preferences. He met the woman, but didn't kill her. His mother never wore heels. Get new episode 7 of shows you love across devices the next day, stream live TV, and watch full seasons of OWN fan favorites anytime, anywhere with OWN All Access. Directed by Tobias Lindholm. She tells them that cross-dressing isn't an antecedent to homicidal behavior. Holden asks him when the interest in women's shoes started and he says it was always there. He is finally handcuffed to a table near them. Bill doesn't want to talk about it anymore. With Sonny Valicenti, Holt McCallany, Jonathan Groff, Happy Anderson. Episode 1 60m. The clerk doesn't know, but Holden has him put a pair on hold. On the flight, Bill and Holden talk over the businessman between them, passing photos from Brudos as they talk about how Brudos became who he is. He leaves a message for Frank to look at the photos from the Ada Jeffries case, specifically at the knots used to tie her up. Holden has the guard not cuff him to the table. Bill starts to goad Brudos and asks him why the shoes. He’s a tough guy who’s cracking under the pressure. Wendy opens a new can of tuna and takes it downstairs with a glass of wine. Toggle navigation. Holden is worried that Kemper called them idiots. The first season of Mindhunter premiered on Netflix in October 13, 2017, with the release of 10 episodes. Brudos comes back over and takes the shoes. Let Ari (Grande) and Ari (Aster) Make Something Weird Together. Hitting a dead end, Holden suggests a bold plan to draw the killer out. Bill thinks he's lying. As for Holden, the association between the high heels he picks up for Brudos and the same heels that Debbie breaks out for his benefit is too much for him to handle. Mindhunter, produced by Netflix, is a smart and beautifully made true-crime series, based on the real-life development of the FBI profiling unit tasked with catching serial killers. She gets up from the table and beckons him to follow her. If he’s turned on, does that mean he shares the same fetishistic headspace as a mass murderer? You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. She was shocked and thought he needed psychological help. He doesn't have to wear the shoes to get off. He also says he never confessed to it. Brudos asks for Bill's wife's name and when Bill refuses, he says he appreciates honesty. He’s particularly delighted by the confusion of Ali’s trainer over the mouthpiece coming out bloody while noting, from personal experience, how difficult a human being’s jaw is to break. S1 Season 1. Could someone have intervened. Holden asks where he got a scar and he says his wife found out he was chasing skirt and came after him with a knife. Steven Yeun heads up a deceptively gentle immigrant drama set in rural Arkansas in the 1980s. Holden says if they are somehow anyway, it could screw up their research, but Wendy doesn't think so. He says he got his first pair when he was five. Here is number 3 out of 4 new series I recently began reacting to and reviewing! Season 1; Season 2; Follow. Bill thinks it's only useful to her study, not their work, but she disagrees. He checks his gun and then puts it on top. She says he's asking the right questions. Bill views it as speaking Brudos' language. His ex-wife testified that he approached her dressed as a woman. They're nautical and Fairfield is landlocked. She wonders if he's lying or denying when he claims not to remember. Wendy chafes as her job begins to shift. … After she's gone, Bill says he needs to find the key to the filing cabinet or just get a new one. Holden and Bill talk about the interview as they walk out. Brudos says his ex-wife said what the police wanted her to say. Bill asks him to save it and he makes a call to talk to Frank McGraw. • In Fincher-land, the lighting is so artfully dreary that it suggests dangers that aren’t present. No consensus yet. Nancy and Bill get home to find Julie who is disturbed. Try it ! Holden tells Bill he has an idea about another angle to take with Brudos. He rejects the hippie-dippy music therapy advocated by his wife Nancy, but doesn’t seem interested in discussion alternative solutions, either. Brudos then says he's a collector. • The BTK Killer is seen laying out his jacket, gloves, tape, and pistol. As Bill tells Holden after a particularly brutal session with Brudos, “If what we’re doing doesn’t get under your skin, you’re either more screwed up than I thought or you’re kidding yourself.”. Episode Guide Wendy considers an offer. As his son’s behavior worsens in school, his instinct is to continue to deny the problem, hope in vain things improve over time, and escape to the golf course whenever possible. Directed by A recap of Episode 7 of Season 2 of Mindhunter on Netflix. He didn't tell her because he didn't really want to send Brian to a shrink, but he'd rather send him to a doctor than a hippie musician. Soon enough, his son’s discovery of a crime-scene photo in his desk rattles their long-time babysitter and symbolizes two serious problems creeping into his marriage: one, that Bill is literally and figuratively bringing his work home with him, and two, that his son wants to know him better and will enter the forbidden space of his office to learn more. She says they baited him with he shoes and lied to him about his wife. He tries to claim they were his wife's, but they were much too large. He wants her to know that he sees how dedicated and disciplined she is. Brudos says she wouldn't talk about him. Previous Holden paces nearby as Debbie gets told she measured at a 7.5, a half-size larger than normal. She suggests that Bill talk about his son to get him talking, but Bill refuses. It is about public faces and private spaces, the secrets people share with each other, share only with … Bill says he lied about Kemper, so they did the same thing to him. The big reason they’re all feeling so unmoored is Brudos, who the opposite of the personable oversharer that they have in Ed Kemper. Wendy takes a career risk to relocate and join the team full time. He took a pair of his teacher's shoes once in first grade. His own wife wasn't adventurous at all. He tries to continue, but can't stop thinking about Brudos and looking at the shoes. it's a crime scene photo of the woman who was sodomized with a broomstick. He had a collection of women's shoes in his garage. Holden is probably more screwed up than Bill thought, but we’ll get to that later. He says he's delighted to be in her life. She then sits up on the washer and waits for a minute before going back upstairs. Bill asks if the story Holden told was true and he says it was. The Mindhunter Companion Podcast Season 1 Episode 7: (Directed by Andrew Douglas) Getting Jerry Brudos talking with help from a very specific prop. Directed by Andrew Douglas. Mindhunter Season 2 Songs by Episode. On the ride home, Nancy says Brian's going to get kicked out of school if he keeps biting other children. It’s effective, but I’m not convinced that it’s done in the best taste. Holden and Bill continue to sit at the adjacent table as they start the interview. Since he was married, he installed a security system so his wife never came to the garage and found him. August 2019 ausgestrahlt wurde, heißt Episode 1 (2x01). She says it was the force of her reaction. In the late 1970s two FBI agents expand criminal science by delving into the psychology of murder and getting uneasily close to all-too-real monsters. They say they want to use it to learn to recognize the behavior in others. With Holt McCallany, Jonathan Groff, Trey Teufel, Albert Jones. He says the shoe sending started as a goof then got out of hand. They never found her body and was never convicted of it. With Katherine Banks, Sonny Valicenti, Cotter Smith, Anna Torv. TOMATOMETER Not enough ratings to … She tells them to indulge him. Brudos then gets up to end the interview. They show him a photo of one of his victims and he pauses for a moment before saying he doesn't remember taking it. Bill and Holden are barely past their introductory boilerplate before Brudos knocks them off their prepared questions and leads them through a chaotic session of improvised inquiry and dishonest answers. Mindhunter Staffel 1 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 1. He doesn't, but Holden suggest next week and Bill agrees. Wendy goes to the basement and finds the can of tuna empty. Wendy listens to the Brudos recording. Holden doodles a dead woman next to a pair of heels. The rapper and wife Keyshia Ka’oir Davis welcome an impeccably-named baby boy. PROFILE. She offers a shoe out to Holden to try on which he does reluctantly. She likes them, but he doesn't. Mindhunter Stars on Diving Too Deep Into Serial Killer Psychology, Hopes for Season 2 View All Episode 7 News In Theaters She throws away the empty can. Then she gives up and goes back upstairs. Holden and Carr, for their part, are handling their downtime in quieter, if no less peculiar, fashion. She had to divorce him to protect their kids. But Brudos also had a family, and had to keep them from knowing his prurient interests. “Episode 7” divides neatly along those lines. He just liked the shoes. AUGUST 16. Debbie spots a shoe store and looks inside. © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. Carr breaks her sad bachelorette routine of watching All in the Family and eating tuna from a can by trying to befriend a stray kitty. Next Bill and Holden say they asked around and there's no evidence he and Kemper were ever actually in touch. Nancy is upset because Bill's not around much. Release year: 2017. He laughs at them for believing Kemper. Track Mindhunter season 1 episodes. Brudos relishes Ali’s defeat at the hands of Ken Norton, who broke his jaw in the final round of their 1973 San Diego bout. Episode 8. • Another highlight in an episode that benefits from comic relief: Bill punishing the guy who wants to claim the middle seat between him and Holden on the plane. She says he's not averse to talking about his family, because he mentioned his kids. She knows it's very hard. Carr prefers the first session to the second, because Brudos’s denials are still giving them information, whereas the masculine tactics used to get him to talk are reckless and unscientific. Bill joins them and Wendy asks what's in the box. Debbie and Holden are shopping. He then says that friends sent them to him, as Holden moves his jacket to reveal the pair of shoes he bought on the table in their box. As Holden goes back to transcribing tapes, Wendy comes in and talks to Bill about remaining objective in interviews. Tomatometer Not Yet Available TOMATOMETER Critic Ratings: N/A Critics Consensus. Episode 6 A complete overview of this episode's crew can be found here. Wendy takes a career risk to relocate and join the team full time. It's been practiced in every era, in every culture. Brudos says they should have brought him a pair of Nancy's, which angers Bill.

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